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4 Reasons why earn no money online

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This question been asked so many times and it is a very common question no matter you are newbie or have been on a journey of make money online and yes it frustrating especially when so many blogger out there keep talking how easy earning money online. ..(not me)

Is that all your efforts paid?. If you are asking this question frequently.The next question you should ask yourself should be:

What am I doing wrong?

You been told there are many ways to earn money online. And the best part is one of the easy way they mentioned is making money from those who try to make money.Now that’s fine.The real problem is some of the internet marketer simply sell you crap that promise you that you can get rich just buying their stuff. One great example is they keep telling you your blog is money.So what happened next is thousand of spam blog created.How many of these blogger earn the money that those Internet Marketer promised?

To be honest, if your earning few dollars per month,and spend $20 on your internet broadband access fees.Not to mentioned the amount of time your spend in front of computer.Its not equal to what you suppose to earn, then .. that’s the problem., Do you know what your miss out?There must be something that stopping your blog in tuned into a money making machine.Below listed out few points that might the reasons why you can’t earn extra money online. You not going to make any dollar if you miss out these few elements no matter how many secret and report you bought.

4 reasons make no money online.

1.Do you have enough visitors ?
Do you sufficient amount of traffic to really some revenue from it. If, for example, have less than 5,000 visits per month, my advice is that you put aside those heavy ads from your blog and you concentrate on getting in traffic.The search engine traffic will be the most valuable sources of your visitors.There are those who really interested in buying and willing to spend money if you have promote a right product.You can get them by doing SEARCH engine optimization SEO for your blog.

2.Got advertising correct?
If you advertise on other blog or running a PPC campaign.You got to make sure are you advertising correct.The landing page has to be optimize.The copywriting has to be touch to the point.

3.Got advertising in the right place?
Check your page or better, make a friend who is not entered in the subject will have a review and try to identify where and things that have publicized. Sometimes it is obvious for us but for others it may not, and therefore it is possible that many people passing through your site without having ever more remote possibility of “click”.

4.Do you use too many earning programs?
Considers few earning options and stick on one that work.If you use Adsense to earn PPC money,then optimize for Adsence earnings .There are countless ways to generate revenue but too many ads spot on a blog wont bring any value  .I really think that 3 to 4 are enough to diversified your  earning sources.

Earn money online with no money

Many beginner will have this question.Before we earn enough money to invest on promoting our blog,are there any ways to earn money online with no money down.

I will leave it on upcoming post.If you have any earning oppurturniy would like to share give us your suggestion ,just leave a comment.

Thanks for visiting this earnings online blog.


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September 5, 2009 at 8:32 pm

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Use Adsense to Scam And Earn Money

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“Change your life Within a month .Started making over $5,000 a month working a job from home.”

Does this quote get your attention?

Story 1:
Diego from http://www.diegomakesdinero.com/
I was working in real estate.I wasn’t in love with my job but it paid the bills.

Working over 40 hours a week sunk in debt, to working a part-time job from home making $7,500 a month:

Like a lot of people these days, the company I was working for was feeling the effects of the economy. I lost my job because my company decided to downsize and I needed to find a new way to pay my bills and support my family….

I’ve never been interested in any type of get rich quick scheme, I was looking for a real home business opportunity. After a lot of searching, I found two online opportunities and now I’m making more than I did…..All I had to pay was the $2 shipping costs to start it.

Story 2:

Jason / at http://justajournal.com/

Kevin Hoeffer at http://aworkfromhomesite.com/mdollshow.php

“I was working as an accountant for a processing factory. I wasn’t in love with my job but it paid the bills.

Like a lot of people these days, the company I was working for was feeling the effects of the economy. I lost my job because my company decided to downsize and I needed to find a new way to pay my bills and support my family. I’ve never been interested in any type of get rich quick scheme, I was looking for a real home business opportunity. After a lot of searching, I found two online opportunities and now I’m making more than I did

Live Scam Demonstration

No,nothing wrong with my post ,both has the same story background,the only different is one was accountant for a processing factory and the other one was working in real estate.

From what we seem  Google Cash Kit /Google Biz Kit is 100% SCAM .They know how to scam BUT they’re just stupid. And this is the Check with same amount they earn from Google:

“Google Kit scam cheque”

Google Kit scam cheque

Now we know both of them are trying promote Google Biz Kit . However,It seem the second one is more powerful .He use the US President to promote his business.

He have added a clip of President Obama talking about a stimulus package for the people.

I recently found out that the Obama government has introduced a stimulus package for people who have their own home business.

Like all the big corporations out there who are getting handouts, since I’m working from home, I now qualify for a bunch of Free Government Grants that are a part of the stimulus package.

And one most amazing things is that

they  have a commenter who 100% alike.one name Jack-In-College and another one DHAMPTON.(They cold be twins)


Case Study 1:


“Diago’s Road To Riches at www.diegomakesdinero.com -” 99% SCAM

This one is an ethnic focused Flog shooting for suckering in the Latino surfer. Nice picture of “Diego Gonzales from California” holding a pile of money and includes a link that takes you to “Chasque Aquí Para Español” where showing you the El Camino de Diego Para Riquezas spanish version of the page. Links to The Google Money System Home Business Kit which takes you to the scam www.yoursearchprofits and  Easy Google Profit from Google Pay Day.

Case Study 2:

Update:  It’s Gone!

“Welcome To My Money Blog at www.resourceofwealth.org/money/ -”

Says he’s Jeremy Parker from the Woodland, CA area and uses the same picutre of the guy in a tuxido as many of the other sites. Links to Google Biz Kit and Earn Google Cash with a title “Earn Cash With Google”. Terms and Conditions say your are dealing with www.profitstudiolearning.com. DR globalDirect, Inc. d/b/a Reg.Net. Hidden monthly charge here is $69.90 after 7 days.

Bryans Money Blog at BryansMoneyBlog.com – My name is Bryan Hunter. I am originally from the Irvington, NY area. But he looks *exactly* like Jeremy Parker and Kevin Hoeffer and all the rest, same exact pictures and everything. Links to the Google Cash Kit, which again brings you right to www.yoursearchprofits.com which appears to be owned by a company called JRS Media Solutions.

Check out the terms and conditions that only appear as a link on the purchase page and you get this:

“I am ordering the Earn Google Cash™ CD and trial membership for $2.29 S&H, after the 7-day trial I will be charged $59.95 if I do not cancel. I also agree to the 14 day and 21 day bonus trials to Grant Master™ and Network Agenda™ for $7.95 a month and $9.95 a month thereafter, should I choose not to cancel.”

Case Study 3″

Update:  It’s Gone!

“Scotts Money Blog at ScottsMoneyBlog.com – Bryan’s brother Scott lives in your town too! “

That’s amazing huh! Again total fake, another GeoIP targeting script that figures out where you live by your internet providers IP address. This site calls it Google Fast Cash and again links to yoursearchprofits.com and the Google Pay Day company.

Case Study 4:

Update:  It’s Gone!

“Jennifers Money Blog at jennifersmoneyblog.com -”

another flog using GeoIP Targeting to try to make you think that Jennifer Hunter (maybe Bryan and Scotts long lost sister!) is making money online in your town and can show you the secret for only $2.95! Oh, and $95 after 7 days, and $34 after 14 days, and $24 after 21 days, then again the next month. Links to Google Fast Cash same as the others, and our old friends at yoursearchprofits and Google Pay Day.

Case Study 5:

How I Made Cash Make Money At Home Online at howimadecash.com ” Live

_howireallymadecash_com scam

Kevin Hoeffer lives! No GeoIP tracking here, Kevin lives in California and has been wearing that same wedding tux in about 200 different blogs now.The blog has over 29k subscribers from feed burner but when you click on it ,it lead you to http://www.fastblogincome.com/afs/ybp! Which is the scam adsense money maker.

In fact, all the links say Google Cash Kit, click on anything and you go to yourblogprofits.com/c2 which says it’s owned by someone named Eco Marketing, LLC.Which is nothing BUT SCAM.

Case Study 6:

“Resource Of Wealth at howimademoneyathome.com/money/

Update:it’ Gone!

The title of this one is Welcome To My Money Blog and starts our old friend Kevin Hoeffer’s picture in the wedding tuxedo, but this time his name is Jeremy Parker, originally from the Woodland, CA area. This affiliate apparently decided not to spring for GeoIp targeting for his flog. This one sells a Google Cash Starter Kit and a Google Biz Kit. All links take you to rs925.cashsecretclub.com and Google Fast Cash run by Cash Secret Club.WTF!!!!!!!!

Case Study 7:

Chris Fraiser at chris-fraiser.com -GONE!

The Story–Chris lives in your town through the magic of the GeoIP tracker software with his wife who was “amazed” when he found the only non-scam method to earn money online. Except that the only non-scam method for him to make money online is to scam you out of your money. Ingenious in a way. Links to Make Money With Google and the Easy Google Cash kit litter the page, all of them take you to cashsecretclub.com.

Case Study 7:

Your Internet Fortune at yourinternetfortune.com -GONE

Well, the guy in the tux has changed his name this time to David Blount from New Hampshire. Typical flog with the typical green layout. But this one is being promoted with a vengeance. It’s been on the Alexa top 60 for a few days now. Links to Google Cash Kit ultimately bring you to good old yoursearchprofits.com

Case Study 8:

The Manchester Herald at thedailyheralds.com/finance/ -Live

Takes our old friend Mary Steadman out for a run again. Very likely a cheap knockoff by an internet marketing wannabe gunning for future FTC investigation. Nice newsy gothic font though. Links to Google Biz Kit that bring you to where else but yoursearchprofits.com.

Fake News Sites!!!

Los Angeles Weekly News at www.losangeles-weekly.com/jobs/ – Newer style fake news site discussing our dear old friend Mary Steadman and how she made a killing using the Google Home Business Kit links to http://www.yoursearchprofits and the classic Easy Google Profit system from Google Pay Day.

updated:can’t find the server at http://www.losangeles-weekly.com.

Online Jobs Journal at server2.mediajmp.com/donsplash.html

“Breaking News. Top Stories. Trusted Sources” is their tag line and boy are they anything but. Our good friend Mary Steadman and her picutre with the toddler is featured prominantly in this one. Pushes the Google Biz Kit, which links to a page titled “Google Fire” and is the same old http://www.yoursearchprofits from Google Pay Day and the Easy Google Profit scam.

Your Town Monitor Tribune at monitortribune.com/college-dropout-makes-10000-a-month.php – Uses GeoIP targeting to look like it’s a newspaper from your town which they think makes people trust it more. Says the program is called Google Cash but again links to Google Fast Cash at rs933.cashsecretclub.com.

World Job News at www.world-job-news.com/finance/

Wow, this is certainly taking the news site pioneered by the Los Angeles Tribune and Miami Gazette to new heights. This one REALLY looks like a random news site, complete with author tag line and photo, little video and good quality photos. Other than the fact that the page renders poorly with overlapping links and takes 5+ minutes that is. Links to a program called Google Money Master but sents you right to our old buddy at http://www.yoursearchprofits from Google Pay Day and the Easy Google Profit scam.

Your Town, State Local News titled DailyJobsTribune.com at jobs-tribune.com – This one takes the World Job News format above one step further. Looks like they cleaned up the HTML problems or maybe the one above was just a cheap copy of the jobs-tribune.com.

Since the title says DailyJobsTribune.com but the url is jobs-tribune.com, I suspect someone is knocking off another affiliates site. It does look really good, and the GeoIP targeting that says “Your Town, CA Local News” will fool a lot of people. Plus it makes it harder to look for the scam since you can’t search on the newspaper name. The fake reporter’s name is Tom Chilton @ www.Financial-Weekly.com which is likely the original site this was knocked off from. The link is to Google Money Master and you end up at secure4.s3curehost.com and Easy Google Cash. The terms and conditions on this one:

You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-800-497-4988 or 1-801-578-9020 (International customers please call 1-866-321-2728), or by writing to 1810 E Sahara Ave, Suite 1-341, Las Vegas, NV 89104. Should You fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 7 day trial, You will be billed $2.95. Additionally, You will be billed $79.90 again 7 days from the Trial Start date and every month thereafter for Your monthly Subscription unless canceled by You.

Your Town Daily News at net-newsdaily.com/?s=59 – Is Working Online At Home The Way to Financial Freedom? Yes, but this deal will only put you in debt. Another GeoIP named site with the traditional fake news layout. All links say Easy Google Profits and link to good old securecartcenter.com and this time the name is Google Money Master.

Updated:Most of the scammer busted !!

More Stupid scammers!

These are the real scam,stay away from at all cost.


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July 30, 2009 at 3:33 am

Adsense earnings optimized web blog

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The Google Adsense earning program has become a favorite of many blogger,internet marketers,webmaster in increasing their online income.

From previous post Google adsense profit earnings Tips ,we mentioned that One of the mot important thing to increasing your Adsense earnings is by increasing the amount of traffic to your blog/website.

Search traffic is one of the larger sources but it consume lot of time when in come to get top ranking from SERP especially when you’re new.However ,There is another easy and faster method for increasing your Adsense earnings.

The method  is by placing the best Adsense top paying keyword on all your Adsense websites and web pages(if any). As well as finding the best Adsense top paying keyword, the secret is making sure your website is relevant to your chosen best Adsense keyword.

You need to do some search engine optimize SEO as well,Make sure your main keyword is in your h1 header tags, in the title of your web page, in your web page description and also in your meta keywords.

Make sure your best top paying Adsense keyword is in your heading, and preferably the first words used. Make sure your best top paying Adsense keyword features prominently in the first paragraph of your web content, When you doing that make sure that the blog/website copy appear natural’s and makes sense.

If you have any images on your phrase use the alternate text image description as another place to put your best high paying Adsense keyword, however describe the image , don’t just place the keyword in it,describe it!

Next, It’s absolutely critical that you focus on finding the best top paying Adsense keyword for every page of your websites. The reason for this is pretty clear.

One keyword may be worth $17.00, a very similar keyword may be worth $2.20. You of course won’t get the full $17.00 every time a visitor to your website clicks on your Adsense ads.

You will share this money/profit with Google Adsense .Know what your potential blog/site visitors are searching for and have optimized your Adsense web pages for the best top paying Adsense keyword, the more visitors to your website the more clicks you should receive. Another factor to bear in mind is that the older your website is, the better Google Adsense ads will appear on your site.

By using certain Adsense keyword tools you can find more long tail keywords with very little competition at all which, when you add them up with other long tail keywords, will add up to a lot of traffic and more Adsense earnings.

Doing well in SEO will improve your Page Rank.Your Google Page Rank will also have an effect on this, as will your website traffic.Lastly, remember one thing, don’t just focus your entire blog/website on your best top paying Adsense keyword. There is a lot of competition for certain Adsense keywords. As well as finding the best Adsense top paying keyword, the secret is making sure your website is relevant to your chosen best Adsense keyword.

Make sure your main keyword is in your h1 header tags, in the title of your web page, in your web page description and also in your meta keywords.

This article has discussed the difference between ordinary keywords and having your site optimized with best top paying Adsense keywords. Now that you know how to do that you must find the right tools to optimize your sites for the highest paying Adsense keywords.

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Google adsense profit earnings Tips

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Before get started to earn from Adsense,you have to know Google’s Terms of service (TOS). These TOS may be regarding placing of ads, quality content, webmaster rules and clicks etc.,

  • Do not click on your own ads: We may come across some of them who click on their own ads to earn a quick money and getting banned from adsense. But in some cases we click our own ads by mistake which we need to avoid. In case if you want to view the landing page of the ad, you can directly check through the Internet explorer rather than clicking on our own ads. Google keeps record of all clicks.
  • Do not place ads exceeding the adsense requirement. For better result place few ads per page. You can try placing in different locations. Usually, Medium rectangular type ads provides good results. It is suggested to place ads inbetween the body of web page.

Now coming to content of website which is the base of website and adsense.

  • DO NOT place google ads on the webpages with no content. Google pays for the ads displayed on the content page. Your website should have a good quality content.

Please follows website rules strictly. Your website should have  user friendly navigation. Your visitors  should not have any problem while navigating your webpages. And It is better to have a sitemap.

Remember,Do not display google ads on website which is under construction.

How to earn more money  from adsense

The first only way is “Traffic”. More traffic means more hits – more hits means more clicks,more clicks mean earnings and more money. Now come a big questions:how to drive traffic ?

There are many ways to drive traffic like search engine ranking via  search engine optimize.However, we all know search engine ranking is a time consuming. Your website shall take several weeks/months to drive a reasonable traffic.

If you have money to invest on your earning program.There is another way to drive traffic instantly, that is buying traffic.For instance traffic from Google Adwords. Signing up process for Google Adwords is easy. You can visit https://adwords.google.com for signing up.

Every Adsense publisher can significantly increase their Adsense earnings by choosing the best Adsense keyword and the top paying Adsense keyword. I will discuss how to increase your adsense earnings by at least 200 percent by using the best Adsense keyword.

Stay tune!

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